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Retaining WallHome is not just an investment but also the haven where your family grows. Having a home is nothing but security for you and your family. That is why homeowners dream big when it comes to having their home and one cannot discount the fact that having one is a privilege and something to be proud of. 

Brick masonry is an art and at the same time, it is a profession of lifetime skills. Finding masonry contractors and mason companies is virtually easy. But finding the best brick mason is something else. With Patriot Brick Mason, we guarantee only the best mason and bricklayer to build your home. We never settle for less. Our years of experience in the masonry industry and finding and hiring only the best local masonry contractors made us one of the leading masonry services providers in Richmond, Virginia. 

Our High-Quality Masonry Services

Patriot Brick Mason offers the widest array of services in masonry. Our commercial masonry contractors and brick pavers can do just about anything. Simply put, we are an all-in-one shop in masonry. From the stone retaining wall, brick wall repair, patio pavers and patio flooring, stone panels to chimney repair, it is on our list of masonry services in Richmond, VA and nearby areas. 

With our stone mason experts’ and masonry contractor’s knowledge and skills, we can lay brick by brick to any type of property in virtually any type of condition. We pride ourselves on our proprietary methodology which gives us the edge, allowing us efficiency and effectiveness in fulfilling any project. Below are some of the major masonry services offered in Patriot Brick Mason.

Do you require an expert brick mason for the building or repair of your home.

Retaining Wall

One of the toughest jobs for masonry is putting up a retaining wall. It requires a deal of skills and knowledge. If you want to enjoy the view of the sunset or an overlooking view of a lake and you have purchased a property that is sitting on rolling hills, you definitely need a retaining wall

Retaining walls are specially made to accommodate properties that are built on a slope or any ground that is not even. Local masonry contractors and bricklayers often find building retaining walls a challenge because it literally is. Soil and weather assessment should be considered. 

Patriot Brick Mason and its mason experts can definitely give you a strong and sturdy retaining wall that can keep up with the weather, any amount of moisture, and the pressure of the pressing soil below.

Stone Retaining Wall

Patio Pavers

Stone Retaining Wall Enclosing Patio Area

You may not know yet, but the patio gives every property an elegant look. When looking at a property, you may not even brick pavers offer irectly look at the patio but its design is there for a reason. It complements the height of a property which seals the ground view with an elegant and clean patio design. 

Patio floorings also are highly functional. In areas that often receive rain, the patio should solve the problem of mud and dirt. It keeps the property well-separated from the soil during the wet season. Patio flooring can also protect your children’s feet and even your car’s tires from sharp stones. 

Patriot Brick Mason and our patio and brick pavers offer a wide array of patio flooring designs that can complement the aesthetic theme of your property. We have concrete, brick, gravel, and a combination of these three types of patio floorings just for you.

Driveway Pavers

While largely undermined, a driveway is an important aspect of the house. We do not usually appreciate driveways because they are often the dispensable part of the house. If you think the same, it is time to believe otherwise. Driveways are important not only for the health of your cars and their tires but as well as to complete the elegant look of your house. Besides, your guest will appreciate your driveway when you host a party on your property. 

Every mason knows that the driveway of the property receives the most pressure. That is why it should be paved carefully and with skills using only the best materials. If you have seen a driveway that looks uneven or having cracks where weeds grow, that means the property’s mason did not do a good job in paving the driveway. 

Masonry work is important when it comes to paving the driveway. That is why in Patriot Brick Mason, we only hire the best stone mason and driveway pavers for your driveway. Depending on your style and preference, we can do just about any patio flooring for your driveway.

Installation of Gray Brick Driveway Pavers

Brick Mailbox

Brick Mailbox in White Brick

If you come to think of it, one of the first things you will see in any sale property is its mailbox. How do you feel about a mailbox that looks like a tin can fix on cheap wood? Our experience tells us that a property’s mailbox provides an unspoken standard on which a property is based. A poorly built and designed mailbox tells a lot about a property simply because putting up a mailbox should not be complicated.

Brick mailbox is one of the most popular types of mailboxes available. Brick mailbox is often used in high-value properties because of two things: 1) it gives the property a decent look or aesthetic, and 2) it is functional. Brick mailbox offers weather-proof protection for your important mails. It is tough and can stand any test of time.

Our bricklayers and mason experts have built hundreds of brick mailboxes in different properties of different sizes. We also personalize brick mailboxes according to your preference and location.

Masonry Repair

While bricks, stones, and gravels are known for their durable quality, through time, your house may need a little time for repair. Regardless of how good the quality of materials was used in building your home, every stone mason and all commercial masonry contractors should tell you that everything is deemed to be repaired in time.

Due to the constant exposure to weather changes such as extreme heat, a downpour of rain, thick snows, and even the constant pressure from the wind, your home exterior may sustain damage like cracks and holes. This is often the case why many homeowners need chimney masonry repair, fireplace brick repair, patio cracks, and holes, and even stone retaining wall repairs.

Patriot Brick Mason and our masonry contractors are trained to do every masonry repair you may need from chimney repair, brick repair, mortar repair, brick wall repair up to masonry restoration.

Mason Completing Brick Chimney Repair

Brick Veneer Installation

Bricklayer Installing Brick Wall

If you are on a tight budget, brick veneer is for you. It offers practically the same benefits but at a cheaper price point. Brick veneer is a popular alternative option for homeowners on a tight budget. If you think that brick veneer is not on par when it comes to quality, our expert mason and our masonry construction team can easily prove you wrong. It is with skills and knowledge using the best masonry work tools that a quality brick veneer installation can be achieved.

Brick veneer installation is usually done after the property’s foundation is built. Because it is prefabricated and is used to cover the raw concrete, it should be done at the end to avoid heavy concrete stains that may become a problem during the finishing touches of the property.

Patriot Brick Mason offers a wide range of brick veneer installations including patio, walkways, chimney, and minor walls. Anything that can lay a brick veneer on, we can do it for you.

Tuck Pointing

Tuckpointing provides a visual sophistication on any property. It gives a property a more sharp, vintage, and old-fashioned look. While it may look simple, in masonry, tuckpointing is a work of art. It requires a combination of skills and an eye for art. Using contrasting and complimenting colors, tuck pointing can give you an eye-pleasing brick wall.

If you already have an old brick wall, you may need repointing brick or commonly called brick pointing. Repointing is a method of reapplying mortar onto the brick gaps to fill up the mortar that is damaged by weathering. Repointing provides extra protection for your walls to seal the entry points for water and moisture which may cause internal damage and cause headaches.

Patriot Brick Mason and our tuckpointing experts have done hundreds of repointing and tuckpoint projects in all types of establishments from commercial to residential. We specialize in brick pointing or repointing brick.

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There may be a lot of masonry contractors and masonry construction companies that offer masonry services in Richmond, VA, but only Patriot Brick Mason can guarantee the best quality and top-rated products and materials. Our brick mason and expert masonry team can handle your masonry repair needs, from building to rehabilitating your brick walls, chimney, fireplace, patio flooring, driveways, and brick mailbox.  

Do not settle for anything less of your money’s value. Hire the best mason in Virginia. Before we start the project, we can offer free consultation and give you a free quote. We have the best pricing and packages that will fit your budget and needs. In our company, we believe that you deserve only the best. Never settle for mediocrity because you will only end up spending more than what you are supposed to save. Patriot Brick Mason will help you through your home’s journey. Together, we build your dream. Call us now and get a free quote!