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In order to fulfill your dream of having a house, you must engage with a masonry construction company that offers the best package and masonry services for your home.

You do not have to suffer from substandard masonry work. Compare and canvass every masonry construction company that will surface during your research. Get a basic background check and ask for portfolios.

It is important to hire the best mason company. Be one of Patriot Brick Mason’s growing happy community of clients.

Our High-Quality Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – a robust retaining wall protects your home from an unexpected collapse. It holds the soil and keeps it from pushing further towards your property.

Do not risk your life and your children’s safety by settling for a substandard retaining wall. Let our brick masonry expertise be the way towards a safer home. You do not have to worry about your children’s safety with our mason job. We guarantee only the best materials and the international standard of practice to produce only the highest quality of output in the masonry services.  

2. Patio Pavers – regardless of how big your property is, you will surely need a patio. Patio helps you go around your property without the hassle of having to step on a muddy soil. If you have an outdoor kitchen or a separate storage room, you may need a patio.

We offer various styles of patio flooring and brick flooring to match your taste. We hire only the best brick pavers and to get the job done and right.

3. Driveway Pavers – driveway is an underrated part of any house. Most of the homeowners would just like a cement driveway for their home because it has no value for them. However, if you can come to think of it, driveways are the most utilized part of your external property. It receives the highest amount of pressure and thus, it needs a robust brick flooring.

In Patriot Brick Mason, our expert mason can get you a driveway treat for your vehicle’s tires. We carefully design driveway flooring to guarantee quality and design flexibility.

4. Brick Mailbox – if you are looking to sell your property in the future, the very first thing that you must improve is your curb. It is where the first impression is created. And you know what happens to first impressions? It lasts.

Let our masons and bricklayers take care of your curb by building an elegant piece of jewelry for your house. Our wide range of brick mailbox designs can surely keep up with the standards of property buyers nowadays.

5. Masonry Repair – Are you looking for chimney repair or fireplace brick repair? Does your brick fountain in your backyard looks like it will collapse anytime? Does your small pond need rehabilitation? Patriot Brick Mason offers a wide range of masonry repair services.

We do have masonry crack repair, mortar joint repair, brick crack repair, brick mortar repair, and everything under the sun. Just keep in touch with our masonry experts and we will take care of the job for you.  

6. Brick Veneer Installation – get your traditional concrete wall a new touch with brick veneer installation. Compared to bricks, the brick veneer will utilize your existing wall to which the brick veneer or brick tiles will be fixed on.

Patriot Brick Mason is a specialized masonry company that offers a wide variety of brick veneer installations including modern brick styles and designs.

7. Tuck Pointing – masonry restoration includes tuck pointing or repointing. It is a methodology in masonry jobs where the mortar is rehabilitated to re-seal the brick wall from water. Tuckpointing is important most especially when there is a loose mortar. Never let a loose mortar ruin the whole wall. Get an expert to repair your wall.

Get our expert mason’s opinion about the health of your brick wall or stone walls. We can assess your home before even starting the restoration and repair.

Talk to our masonry contractors for all your brick mason needs.

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Your ideas will never come true if you stay on your couch scrolling through Pinterest ideas. Get a quick and free quotation now. We guarantee you the best pricing package available in Bon Air.

We offer not just brick wall repair but as well as stone panel installation, veneer installation, and even masonry restoration services.