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Brick Mailbox, Richmond, VA

There are many elements that you can add up to your curb to make it appealing and presentable. Other homeowners and property owners use plants like ferns and shrubs. Others put up a medium-size brick wall while others prefer bare. If you are a minimalist, you can get a bare-looking front yard with a brick mailbox on it. While it may look simplistic, a brick mailbox works as an accent piece to which you can utilize to improve the curb of your property in Richmond, VA and nearby areas.

Mailbox is a functional piece of your property. While we are now turning to paperless transactions, it is inevitable that some of our letter subscriptions still use print materials or slow mail. Anyway, these types of services are there to stay. On a different note, a brick mailbox can be an accent piece to complete the full classic and vintage aesthetic of a house. More so, while the brick mailbox is widely accepted as a classic piece, others may not realize but it is also used for contemporary and modern house designs. It just goes well with anything especially when you hire an expert mason and a masonry contractor to serve your needs.

We offer durable brick mailbox and other masonry services in your area.

What are some ideas for your brick mailbox?

Brick mailbox has been used for almost any house style and design. It is used for many years now and its use has transformed and at the same time remains classic. It is true that a mailbox is a functional piece of your property. It serves as safe storage for your letter subscriptions and other personal and business mails. If you are receiving some important mails in your address, might as well consider finding mason companies and masonry contractor who can build you a brick mailbox that can secure all your letters and mails. There are a few designs of a brick mailbox. Each has its own aesthetic value and functionality. Here are some of our favorites.

a) Wall-mounted mailbox – these are fixed on a wall. It has a special slot to which the mails are retrievable from the other side of the wall. This is either a perimeter wall of your house or your actual external house wall.

b) Mail slots – as convenient as it may sound, mail slots are like walk-up mail storage bins or boxes. Mail slots look simplistic and minimalist.

c) Column Mailbox – from its name, this kind of mailbox is integrated into a separate column that usually stands independently. Sometimes, the column mailbox is placed conveniently on your curb so that mailmen do not have to step inside your property.

d) Package Drop box – a package drop box is a larger type of mailbox. It has a larger capacity and is designed to accommodate not just letters but small and medium-sized packages as well. This is very ideal most especially when you are always expecting deliveries.

e) Multi-slot mailbox – a multi-slot mailbox works for properties with multiple tenants. It has multiple doors and slots that are specifically assigned to each of the tenants of the house.

How good are our brick mason contractors?

Patriot Brick Mason has been building brick mailboxes and different types of mailboxes for years now. Our masonry work has an extensive array of mailbox designs and styles to fit your preference.

Did you experience having to retrieve wet mail or letters? We understand that mailboxes are there to protect your mails and letters. And the primary enemy of mailboxes is the weather. When it rains, a poorly designed brick mailbox can absorb and even allow water to enter. When that happens, your emails and letters can be destroyed. Our brick mailbox mason experts are aware of this and have solved this long-time issue in brick mailboxes. We basically have done hundreds of mailbox repairs and the main cause is poor design. Our experience taught us a lot about building brick mailboxes.

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