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Brick Veneer Installation, Richmond, VA

Bricklayer designs are classic and timeless pieces of art in masonry. It goes beyond years and yet still maintains its sophistication and beauty. The good thing about bricks is that while it will require you additional cost than traditional concrete, the price difference is reasonable. For most homeowners in Richmond, VA, they find brick walls or brick tiles their favorite external and internal walling solution because it gives a classic look to your property. Others use brick walls as an accent corner inside their home.

There are also many uses of brick walls such as chimney sidings and a fireplace. A special type of brick called firebrick is used in a fireplace. This kind of brick can stand the highest amount of heat and can reflect back the highest temperature back to its source while keeping just the right amount to absorb.

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Is brick veneer as good as the traditional brick?

Brick veneer is a popular choice for homeowners and commercial establishment owners who want to build a rather contemporary look for their properties. One reason is that brick veneer is lighter and offers more styles or designs. For instance, brick veneer offers more styles with a minimalistic look than the traditional brick.

There are also advantages of this kind of brick. First, the brick veneer installation is easier as its material is lighter than the traditional brick tiles. More so, some may prefer stone panels which may look like a brick but actually are made of brick tiles. Brick veneer is a good insulator as well compared to its cousin solid brick. Thus, brick veneer is energy efficient. During summer, a brick veneer can protect your house from the heat by deflecting a certain amount of sunlight back to the atmosphere compared to the solid traditional brick.

If you are on a tight budget and still wanted a decent brick wall, brick veneer with backup walls is cheaper. Because solid and traditional brick does not use backup walls but uses each brick to build up the actual wall, it will be more costly. When using a brick veneer, a backup wall which may be wood or concrete is put up primarily before installing the brick veneer. We also provide stone panels and other brick masonry services.

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There are absolutely many types of brick veneer for you to choose from. Depending on where you will put it and how it will be used, a number of styles and forms are available in the market. Here are some of the basics that you can choose from:

1. Brick tiles – looking like a regular ceramic tile, brick tile is used as an alternative to traditional brick. Brick tile is only ¾ inch thick but when installed, can look like a regular brick. While this is a cheaper alternative, its benefits are the same as the traditional brick. More so, it is good in keeping your house cold during the summer season.

2. Traditional Brick Siding – Many brick home does not consist of full solid brick walls because it is expensive. Most homeowners use conventional wood-framed walls or concrete where the brick veneer is fixed and paved. Traditional brick siding is low maintenance but offers weather resistance.

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There are many ways of installing bricks in your home. Depending on how they will be used and where they will be placed, expert mason should provide you with basic information about brick and what are its advantages and disadvantages. Brick veneer installation requires skill and knowledge and not every mason can do it right.

Masonry restoration and other masonry repair services are available in Patriot Brick Mason. We offer an array of masonry repair services to which you may not have an idea. This includes chimney repair, brick mortar repair, brick wall repair, mortar joint repair, fireplace brick repair, and brick crack repair. Our expert mason and of the finest masonry contractors available in the market can do just about anything for your brick wall needs.

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Doing it yourself is a total disservice to your home. While you think you can save cost, masonry work can only be cost-efficient and effective if done right by the one who mastered the work.

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