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Brick Mason, Richmond, VA

Brick masonry is a form of art, a craft that should be respected and loved. It is not only mere construction work but a piece that can go beyond time. This is how we wanted our brick mason to see their job. We create a workforce of empowered brick mason experts.

Patriot Brick Mason has been in the masonry industry for years. We believe that our people are our investment and our brand’s face. That is why we invest deeply with them. We treat them as people, and we let them own their work allowing them a certain level of freedom of art and craft.

In this very competitive landscape, we make sure that we are always one step ahead of everyone else. That is why we make sure our expert masons receive various training and orientation in masonry services and brick masonry. We also provide workshops and tools training periodically to increase their knowledge.

In Patriot Brick Mason, we guarantee you the best pricing package and bundles that will surely fit your budget. We offer free consultation and can get you a no-commitment quotation for your need. What are you waiting for? Pick that phone up and let us build your dream house together!

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