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Driveway Pavers, Richmond, VA

Just like your indoor wall paintings and your collection of vases from different parts of the world, your driveway is the ornament of your home outside. It is paved that way to make an impression, not just to get your vehicles to enter your property without running the soil. Driveways are your private road that is connected to the street. While you do not own the public street, your driveway is all yours and you can make all necessary styling and design with it to suit your taste and preference.

Driveway draws a lot of attention most especially for people passing by. With the right combination of gardening or landscaping and proper lighting, you can elevate your property’s ambiance with a good driveway design. There are many ways to style your driveway. Driveway pavers specialize in designing and paving your lot to build you just enough driveway space for your vehicle. Take note that a driveway that is too big can waste precious space. On the other hand, a driveway that is too small can cause you trouble when it comes to driving your car. The right amount of space for a driveway is 9 to 12 feet wide for a single-car driveway, and 20 to 24 feet wide for a double way.

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Maintaining Your Driveway with Our Masonry Services

Regardless of materials, your driveway may need proper maintaining most especially for areas where rain is often. Brick flooring for instance tends to develop algae. This diverse aquatic organism is formed when a surface receives constant moisture and is continuously exposed to water. Once your brick flooring develops algae, it becomes slippery and may cause you accidents. Stone panels and outdoor tiles are also prone to algae buildup. The only way to prevent algae build-up is to periodically wash your driveway with a soap solution and using a pressure washer to effectively remove the dirt build-up and the small algae that are building upon its surface.

Driveway receives constant pressure from your car’s weight. With it, a poorly paved driveway brick flooring, or stone panels can break or be removed from the ground. Once cracks manifested, it becomes an opening and invites water to sip through it causing plants to grow in between. While weeds may look harmless, an unchecked driveway can easily get damaged once roots grow bigger. If that happens, you are up for a costly brick repair. De-weeding your driveway is important, too. While it may require you a deal of time, it can definitely save you money and be cost-efficient in the long run. Take advantage of our reliable masonry services for your home in Richmond, VA or surrounding areas.

What makes our driveway pavers the best?

Patriot Brick Mason specializes in driveway paving. Our driveway pavers have worked on hundreds of driveway projects with different sizes and requirements. We can fully customize your driveway to suit your preference and style. Have not yet decided on what driveway flooring to use? That is not a problem! Our bricklayers’ mason and our commercial masonry contractors can offer you various patterns and styles. Trust us when we say we can do it for you. We have done this more than what you can imagine and we have perfected our craft.

Our masonry services are full and extensive and include even the slightest and smallest project you may have such as driveway repairs. We can do brick mortar repair and even brick crack repair and mortar joint repair. Our team of brick mason and masonry contractors has helped hundreds of homeowners and property owners in their quest in maintaining and building their dream homes. We are happy to serve you in one way or another. Let our mason experience get your property on to the next level. 

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Whatever you may need for your driveway, our expert mason and local masonry contractors can help you with the driveway project that you dream of. We can also offer masonry restoration projects for your driveway to bring back its beauty and functionality. Just call us and we can give you a free estimate and quotation that will surely fit your budget. If you are still undecided on how you want your driveway to look like, we can offer driveway project proposals for you. We have a team of brick mason experts that can definitely provide expertise and can guarantee a quality driveway project for you.

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