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If you have a vision of your dream house, we do have them too! Ours is you sitting comfortably in a house with two bedrooms, a high ceiling living room, with natural light coming in, and enough breathing space outside. We fully understand when you say dream house because that is what we build for years now.

Patriot Brick Mason is an expert in masonry services and masonry repair services. We have a team of expert masons and the best masonry contractors available to give just exactly what you need and more!

Our High-Quality Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – a slope or a hill will require a robust wall that can protect your property from the punishing weight of the ground. Retaining a wall can do just that. Retaining wall helps your home to maintain stability without sustaining serious structural damage applied by the gravity of the soil that is pushing towards the walls of your home.

A retaining wall is a highly specialized wall. Let our expert masons of Patriot Brick Mason build it for you. We can also rehabilitate and restore the resilience and stability of your retaining wall. We have the best brick masonry team and highly esteemed masonry contractors for the job you need.

2. Patio Pavers – get that patio that you have always wanted. Never settle for anything less. Increase the value of your property by extending the breathing space of your home. The patio allows you to host outdoor events such as dinners and bonfires.

If you have a garden in your backyard, our patio pavers can build just the right size of the patio so you can go around your backyard easily. We offer a wide variety of patio flooring and brick flooring for your home.

3. Driveway Pavers – Never let your vehicle’s tires ruin the landscape of your property. Driveway is a functional part of your home and it is built for a reason – to protect the tires of your car and to maintain your soil’s beauty.

Get in touch with our driveway pavers and see how our projects have transformed many properties into a whole new level. Your driveway does not have to be a piece of boring space in your house. Turn them into something else and let your guests feel that they are in a resort!

4. Brick mailbox – is your curb not appealing enough for you or your guest? Do you feel like there is something missing? A brick mailbox can complete the look of your front yard. By choosing a brick mailbox, it can transform your property into a classic, timeless property with a vintage look.

Patriot Brick Mason has served multiple clients who have turned their property into something grandiose with just a brick mailbox. Offering both functionality and aesthetic value, a brick mailbox will surely become an attention grabber for your guests.

5. Masonry Repair – never waste your resources in DIY masonry repair. Let the experts do the job for you. For many reasons, it is highly economical to just hire a mason than to do the job yourself. Practically, there is a higher chance that you lack tools and knowledge on any masonry repair services or job. For that, it will take you ten times longer to do it than getting it done by an expert.

Patriot Brick Mason and our local masonry contractors offer the best quality of masonry jobs for a reasonable price. We offer a wide range of masonry services including general brick wall repair, brick flooring repair, chimney repair, mortar repair, brick wall repair, brick crack repair, and more.

6. Brick Veneer Installation – trying out the alternative for traditional brick can never go wrong. Brick veneer installation is popular most especially in contemporary houses. Its light material and the extensive option of styles and designs give property owners flexibility.

If you are not quite sure about how you would like your brick wall finished, our brick veneer installation team can get you a few touches before they can go on a full-scale of brick veneer installation. We have a variety of brick veneer styles that will surely match your taste.

7. Tuck Pointing – repointing or more commonly called tuck pointing is basically a process of restoring and resealing the mortar of the bricks or stone panels on your walls or floorings. Other parts of your home which has bricks on it can use some brick pointing or repointing brick too.

After all, an aged brick wall may require some repairs and restoration. Tuck pointing will help in bringing back the beauty of the walls and their durability against the weather.

We specialize in long-lasting and cost-effective brick masonry. Contact us today!

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You probably are undecided at this moment. Do not worry! Not all of our clients started with a brick in mind. Make sure to ask for ideas from our brick mason experts.

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