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We often see bricks in old buildings and that is because bricks are timeless. They can stand the test of time as they can withstand different weather conditions. In many cases, the only thing that could destroy a brick structure is a devastating earthquake. Otherwise, a building can last for several decades.

Patriot Brick Mason Richmond, our masonry restoration, brick repair, and all of our masonry work are top when it comes to quality. We guarantee client satisfaction, and we make sure to go beyond our client’s expectations.

Our High-Quality Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – whether you need a brick retaining wall or a stone retaining wall, we have just what you need. Our expert mason also offers brick wall repair for your old crumbling brick walls.

We guarantee that our brick pavers follow the methodology that Patriot Brick Mason has perfected in order to deliver the best quality and provide our clients with the highest satisfaction.  

2. Patio Pavers – Your patio flooring does not have to be boring. Remember, patios are an extension of your house and it increases the property value of your home. Whether you like it or not, a passer-by will notice your patio giving an impression to your house.

Patriot Brick Mason and our patio pavers specializes in patio flooring and brick flooring job. Creating an impression is our expertise and we can do just that for your home. You do not have to suffer from an old and uneven patio. We can rehabilitate the outside of your home with our expert mason’s help.

3. Driveway Pavers – without a driveway, your lot will look like a mess most especially during rain. Driveway is specially made to accommodate heavy equipment and cars. Driveway allows your car and your guests to drive around your property to its designated parking spots without ruining the gardening and the general landscape work.

Trust only Patriot Brick Mason and our driveway pavers. Never look for something that can offer you the least cost and does not talk about quality. Remember that there are many masonry construction companies and masonry contractors out there, but a few can handle the business well. Opting for low-cost projects can be deceiving and is definitely more costly in the long run.

4. Brick Mailbox – improve your curb substantially with your very own customized mailbox. Brick mailbox is an accent piece of your curb and while it is seldom used nowadays, it still creates an unspoken truth about increasing your property’s value.

If you are often expecting packages and deliveries, you may build a brick mailbox that can accommodate parcels and small to medium-sized packages. Patriot Brick Mason and our local masonry contractors can offer customizable brick mailbox that will satisfy your needs.

5. Masonry Repair – as a masonry construction expert, our masonry services go beyond just the simple brick laying. We also offer brick quality assessment for your old walls. We can do just about anything from chimney repair, brick mortar repair, brick crack repair, fireplace brick repair, masonry crack repair, and other masonry repair services.

6. Brick Veneer Installation – alternative to the traditional brick, brick veneer has been mostly preferred by new homeowners and those who are looking to renovate their homes. The reason is that it is cheaper and practical.

Brick veneer is lighter than the traditional heavy brick. It also performs better in insulating your property as it can reflect back enough heat to the atmosphere. Patriot Brick Mason offers a wide range of brick veneer installation and brick veneer repair.

7. Tuck Pointing – tuckpointing or also known as brock pointing and repointing is a method of repairing the mortar joints of your bricks. Mortar joint repair is necessary most especially if your brick wall is exposed to water and heat. Tuck pointing allows the brick wall to be sealed properly so that it can avoid too much exposure to water and moisture.

Our masonry restoration and masonry crack repair services can provide you with an assessment before the repair job itself. In Patriot Brick Mason, we make sure that we repair only what is broken and restore only what can be restored.

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If you are not quite sure about what to do about your existing old brick wall, you can ask our expert about it. We can assess them for you and make sure that it is still safe.

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