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While you think masonry works are timeless, repairs are inevitable. For some homeowners, cracks and small claps are part of the art. Maintaining cracks is counterproductive because it can increase the chance of larger damage and cracks. An untreated brick wall damage can be more costly in the long run. The cracks can allow moisture and a substantial amount of water which makes the mortar crumble and become brittle through time. The constant exposure and combination of heat, water, and air make the mortar joint of your brick veneer and bricklayer weak. Thus, the brick, no matter how good the mason in installing it, can break down.

Brick masonry requires skill and knowledge. While you can find many mason companies and masonry contractor, it is hard to find a good masonry expert that can offer beyond what you can expect. Quality is sometimes elusive when it comes to bricklayer services. For instance, materials like brick tiles and stone panels are often cost-cut for the same price to provide the local masonry contractors more profit. Make sure to research well about who to hire when it comes to masonry restoration and other masonry repair services such as chimney mortar repair, mortar joint repair, fireplace brick repair, and masonry crack repair.

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How we repair your masonry work?

Repair in masonry work is methodical. If you are not an expert in masonry repair, there is a smaller chance that you can fix your brick veneer or your brick tiles correctly. In many cases when homeowners in Richmond try to fix their brick works on their own, they tend to spend more than when hiring expert masonry restoration services.

If you hire a mason to repair your brick tiles, brick flooring, or patio flooring, or any part of your home, they will have to undergo a process of assessment first. A good mason can quickly assess the extent of damage that a property may have. From that assessment, he can make an estimate of how long the brick repair will be done and how much it will cost the owner to have everything fixed.

Some mason companies can do basic masonry repair. However, you might hire a masonry contractor who does not specialize in repairs such as tuck pointing, repointing brick, or commonly called brick pointing. But they will do the job anyway leaving you a poor output at the end.

What Our Masonry Contractors Offer

Masonry restoration, tuck pointing, repointing, and all sorts of masonry services like brick crack repair, brick wall repair, mortar repair, chimney masonry repair, and mortar joint repair are our specialties since the beginning.

Have you heard about a mason telling you that not everyone can do everything? That is essentially true for masonry services. Only specialized mason companies can do complex work at a very minimal timeframe. In Patriot Brick Mason, we know that every project needs to be quick and must be finished in the shortest time possible. That is why we employ enough mason and masonry contractors so that everyone does not need to juggle a lot of work at the same time.

We Also Offer Masonry Restoration

Our expert mason is well-trained and has received multiple industrial training and workshops that increased their skills and knowledge about mortar repair and brick repair. More so, we have specialized in the most uncommon services such as chimney mortar repair, and fireplace brick repair.

We can solve your brick woes with our unique masonry crack repair solution and masonry restoration. We can perform repointing brickwork and tuck pointing. When assessing the damage and the integrity of your old brick wall, we always aim for restoration. That is the cheapest and most economical way of restoring your property’s beauty and elegance. However, in some cases, masonry restoration is not advisable anymore. For instance, a property that is hit by a hurricane or a strong earthquake may sustain major damage which can be unrepairable. Trying to repair and restore these parts of your house can be costly than redoing them. Hence, Patrick Brick Mason of Richmond does recommend assessment before anything to see the overall integrity and quality of the wall.

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