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Retaining Wall, Richmond, VA

You may see properties that are sitting on a rocky hill or a steep slope. You can appreciate the beauty of the structure that seamlessly defies gravity with its standing structure on a ground that is not even. You may think that a good engineer and architect is behind all these magnificent properties. In many cases, this may be true. Most of the time, a very good structural design and planning should do all the good work to make a durable structure on a slope. However, behind this structure is a mason or a team of masons who have built the stone retaining wall to support the whole structure from the pressure of the soil pushing it against the property.

What is a retaining wall?

In the simplest form, a retaining wall is the foundation of a property that sits on a hill or a slope. It is a specially reinforced wall structure on which the soil and the ground lean. It should be strong enough to withstand the pressure that the earth pushes towards it. Also, it should be strong enough to support the heavy wet soil during downpours and typhoons as soils get substantially heavier during continuous rain.

Retaining walls prevent soil erosion or the movement of the earth specifically the surface of the ground which causes structural damage on properties. Soil erosion often happens in a ground that lacks good composition of soil and rock. Most of the time, these soils are softer and are prone to receive more rain than they can absorb causing the soil to move.

When soil erosion or soil shifting happens, it can create small cracks and uneven floorings, and wall bumps. The worst thing that can happen to the property during soil erosion is a breakdown. Stone mason often calls this the collapse which basically results in serious damage to the property. 

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How can a retaining wall prevent soil erosion?

Before a property is built, a geodetic engineer should survey the soil quality. This ensures that soil erosion is minimal to none. However, if soil erosion is prone in your purchased property, enough stones, and other sedimentary rocks should be placed to improve the strength and stability of the ground. If the ground passes all tests, then a property can be built on it. However, soil on a hill or a slope is not 100% soil erosion resistant. Thus, walls such as a stone retaining wall or brick retaining wall are placed to support any structure that sits on it.

An excellent brick masonry work should do the job of protecting the property from soil erosion and any movement from the ground. That being said, retaining walls are crucial and in most cases, the fundamental structure of a property that is sitting on a hill or a slope.

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