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Masonry construction requires skills and knowledge. When it comes to masonry services, trust only the best and tested. Patriot Brick Mason hires only experienced brick mason and masonry contractors.

Our services in brick masonry construction are extensive. We offer just about anything and we are available and ready to serve our clients in Short Pump, VA, and other nearby areas.

Our High-Quality Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – Retaining walls are part of every property that is situated on any slope. This specially designed wall helps support the property against the heavy pressure of the ground. It keeps the property integrity even during the rainy season when soil is heavy due to the water is absorbed. Patriot Brick Mason specializes in building retaining walls for your property. We only use the best material to build your brick wall or a stone retaining wall.

2. Patio Pavers – An elegant patio literally and figuratively elevates your property. For one, it keeps your feet off from the soil and it makes a whole lot of difference aesthetically. Patio flooring is an important part of your property most especially if you have a big lot. A patio is specifically designed to give a pathway and extend your outdoor so you can utilize those spaces for outdoor functionality. Patio Brick Mason of Richmond and our patio pavers are the best in brick flooring jobs. We make sure that your style and preference complements the aesthetic of your home.

3. Driveway Pavers – Do not let your car tire suffer from the ground. Your car may roll on a sharp rock which can damage your car tire. A driveway can help you with that by keeping your car tire protected. Trust our masonry work and let our brick pavers do the job for you.

4. Brick Mailbox – if you want something extra special but is not expensive, try putting up a brick mailbox in front of your curb. Nowadays, brick mailboxes are functional since we can still expect newsletters and mails from our subscriptions. A brick mailbox is a good type of mailbox that can definitely protect your letters and mails from the weather. In Patriot Brick Mason, we do just about any brick mailbox. We can also customize the way you want it to match the overall look of your property.

5. Masonry Repair – when it comes to masonry repair, it is only logical to trust only the expert. While it may seem like masonry repair is a no-brainer, a lot of people tend to spend more when they do it on their own compared to hiring an expert mason. Our extensive masonry services include all sorts of masonry repair such as brick wall repair, chimney repair, general brick repair, mortar repair, tuckpointing, and repointing, brick crack repair, and masonry restoration services.  

6. Brick Veneer Installation – an alternative to a traditional brick wall is the brick veneer. It is a relatively new tradition of brick application where a cavity wall is built where the brick veneer is fixed. Brick veneer or brick tiles are usually thinner in width and are lighter. Hence, installation is much easier. Our local masonry contractors and bricklayers have received training and application certification in brick veneer installation. With this, we only guarantee our clients the best quality output.

7. Tuck Pointing – known as repointing brick work or brick pointing, tuckpointing is a methodology to which new mortar is placed to improve the integrity and quality of your brick wall. It is also used in other parts of the house where bricks are used such as chimneys, outdoor fountains, and your favorite fireplace. Our masonry services include masonry restoration and repointing. Let us not wait until your brick wall is beyond repair. You can definitely save money by repairing and restoring the beauty of your brick wall.

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