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Bricks are a timeless piece of art. For decades, a brick can last and keep up with the weather. Despite being exposed to rain and sunlight, bricks are designed to protect your home and while it is highly functional, many homeowners use brick as a classic piece to elevate the beauty of their home. Bricks are used for years now and have been around back in 7000 BC. In fact, the materials that were used in building up the historical Wall of China are stone, lime, wood, and bricklayer. The reason is that bricks are available at that time to construct small, medium, and large-sized infrastructures. It is even used as a status symbol. It is believed that the Roman Empire is responsible for spreading the way of brick making. Certainly, brick pavers have been around since the early times and that makes the work of brickmaking an art and a historic activity.

While brick can last up to a decade, it is a common misconception that an owner can just let it hang in time without maintenance and even without repairing the brick mason. If you ask an expert mason, you will certainly hear that nothing is invulnerable to weather and climate changes. The same thing is true with bricks. It is prone to sustain damage over time. A poorly installed brick and a poor mortar application can let 70% to 80% of water sip through it which makes the inner part of the brick crumble and become brittle. Masonry repair usually is caused by unusual water entry to which the water cannot escape destroying the small joints of mortar.

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What is tuck pointing and is it important?

When it comes to brick crack repair or mortar joint repair services, you will often hear tuck pointing and repointing. Some mason experts call the process brick pointing or repointing brickwork. Whatever it is called, tuckpointing and repointing are both a process of repairing and rehabilitating a brick work. Chimney masonry repair, brick chimney repair, and fireplace brick repair often use tuckpointing and repointing techniques and methodologies to restore its beauty and functionality.

Tuck pointing is a process by which the mortar joints are repaired. If you are not familiar with a mortar in a brick, mortars are special cement that is used in bricks and stone masonry construction. The consistency of this special cement is a paste-like material that hardens immediately after application. It is usually placed in between tiles of bricks to seal the inner walling from moisture, heat, and water exposure.

If you think that your old brick is good enough to last another decade, think again. Excellent brickwork can last up to a decade without major repairs. However, beyond such time, you may need your mortar joint repair. Masonry repair services offer repointing and tuckpointing for homeowners that own old properties. Repointing brickwork definitely requires skills. It is important to ask your local masonry contractors and bricklayer for their service rather than doing it yourself. It is a lot harder, and more costly!

How to know if you need tuckpointing or repointing?

You do not have to be an expert to spot damages in your bricks. It can be seen by the naked eyes. The most obvious damage to bricks is cracks and joint blows. Usually, these are sustained when there are sharp and heavy objects that are kept on hitting the brick.

Mortar joints are the second to lookout when you think that you need tuckpointing and repointing. Mortar can be tough, but it can also crumble and become brittle through time. That is why it is important to use only the best material for your brick wall. So, when do you know it is time to tuckpoint your brick’s mortar? You can know it by tracing your finger on the mortar and see if there are any substantial loose materials. In some cases, the mortar will automatically drop off once you applied pressure on it. Never leave such mess hanging for even a month. Damaged mortar can ruin the entire wall. If you see these signals, do not let them sit for months.

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A rule of thumb for masonry work is that repair is much less costly than getting a new brick wall. However, homeowners do not realize this. For some, they prefer having everything ruined in time and get a new wall. Besides being costly, breaking down the wall and putting up a new one will require more time. That means you have to bear through the construction longer than you need to.

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