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You will often see properties in Wyndham, Virginia that are made from bricks. If you can observe, these properties are there for quite some time already. This only shows that bricks are a fundamental material that can last up to generations. A brick wall is a popular choice either as a part of your external wall or the whole wall itself. Property owners prefer bricks because it is a timeless piece and one can enjoy its beauty for decades.

Our High-Quality Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – when choosing to build a property on a slope or near hills, you will definitely need a retaining wall. This specially designed wall protects your property from the gravity that is applied by the pushing ground onto your house’s walls.  

Our expert mason is trained to build the most durable retaining wall for your home. We have done hundreds of retaining wall projects for different properties with varying soil and weather condition. Your retaining wall need not just be functional, we can make it aesthetically pleasing as well.

2. Patio Pavers – when it comes to extending your house, a patio is an excellent and cost-efficient way of doing it. You can host parties and lunch over your patio with your alfresco dining area. A patio is a favorite hangout place for kids too.

Patriot Brick Mason and our patio pavers offer a wide range of patio flooring options from brick flooring, stone flooring, to tiles. Just let us know what you need, and we will deliver it for you.

3. Driveway Pavers – By choosing the best materials for the type of soil you have in your property and an excellent masonry work, your driveway’s lifespan may increase tremendously. Because driveways receive the most pressure due to the weight of your vehicles, they can be damaged overtime. If you can observe most driveways, you will see loose bricks. Improper paving of brick flooring for instance can result in loosed bricks. 

Patriot Brick Mason’s brick pavers can guarantee that no matter how many vehicles you have in your driveway, it will perform as expected and still promise the life expectancy that is promised of it. 

4. Brick Mailbox – Your curb will never be complete without a brick mailbox. Brick mailbox is functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of passers-by. Brick mailbox is preferred by many homeowners because it is a timeless piece of art and the more it ages the more it becomes more attractive. 

If you already have a mailbox that is old and can observe leaks, it means that your mailbox is up for a brick repair. Never let the issue of water leaks ruin your letter subscriptions and mails because you might be expecting an important document. Our expert masons are always ready to bring back the functionality and aesthetic value of your brick mailbox. 

5. Masonry Repair – while bricks are said to be built to withstand the test of time, they will eventually require some masonry repair. There is no need to do it yourself. Let our mason experts and masonry contractor assess the full extent of damage or repairable for your walls. 

In Patriot Brick Mason, we do not just jump into action. We carefully assess what needs to be repaired or needs masonry restoration. By doing so, we can target only those aspects of your home that needs repairing. We have an extensive array of masonry repair services including masonry crack repair, fireplace brick repair, mortar joint repair, chimney masonry repair, and general brick repair. 

6. Brick Veneer Installation – as a favorite alternative, a brick veneer can bring the old classic look to your home at a much lower cost. Using a cavity wall, brick veneer installation is fixed to a surface. Brick veneer is much thinner than the old traditional brick. Hence, the material is lighter. 

Patriot Brick Mason can deliver exactly what you need. We offer extensive options of brick veneer installation depending on your preference and style. We have bricks of different styles that will surely match your taste and the overall aesthetic of your home. 

7. Tuck Pointing – a special method of repairing and restoring your brick walls, tuck pointing or also known as repointing or brick pointing allows your brick to restore its durability. Tuckpointing increases the lifespan of your brick wall by sealing the inner parts of the brick wall from water and moisture. 

Our expert mason and local masonry contractor are trained to do the restoration job with the least amount of time. We utilize only the best mortar material using techniques and tools that are designed to increase the output quality of our job.

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