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Like you, we always look forward to a home that will last a lifetime. We understand that masonry work is a vital part of achieving a dreamhouse. With an excellent mason work and with the guide of masonry contractors, this can be accomplished. It is important to only trust the best mason companies. 

Patriot Brick Mason is one of the leading mason companies in Tuckahoe, VA. We have years of experience and have worked with hundreds of projects and clients. We can offer just about any masonry services that you may need from masonry construction to masonry restoration and brick repair. 

Our High-Quality Masonry Services

1. Retaining Wall – due to the gravity and the pressure that is applied by the soil, an unreinforced wall may collapse overtime. Retaining the wall helps you to prevent that. It is a specially designed reinforced wall that can stand the pressure of soil even during the rainy season when the ground is wet and heavy. 

One of our expertise in Patriot Brick Mason is our retaining wall. Regardless of the size of your retaining wall requirement, our mason experts can do it for you. 

2. Patio Pavers – patio flooring is an ornament that is indirectly providing ambiance for your home. Just like paintings in your house, the patio can be designed with patterns and styles. If you are the kind of person who hosts al fresco events, you can definitely enjoy having a patio in your backyard.

Only trust the best stone mason and brick pavers for your patio. Do not let mediocrity ruin your property. Remember that poorly paved brick flooring or patio flooring can be a source of headache in the long run. Our expert mason will help you skip over that part and just enjoy the outside space of your property.  

3. Driveway Pavers – do not let your vehicles ruin the landscape of your property. Build a driveway that protects the soil from the weight of your vehicles. 

A driveway may be underrated but it gives a lot of conveniences especially during the rainy season. In Patriot Brick Mason, our driveway pavers and bricklayers guarantee that you do not have to waste your time and money on a substandard driveway. It does not have to be expensive. It just needs good mason work.  

4. Brick mailbox – brick mailbox is specially designed to keep your letters and mails secured. A strategically built brick mailbox conveniently allows mailman and delivery personnel to place your parcels without even entering your property. 

 Patriot Brick Mason offers a wide variety of brick mailbox designs and styles. We can even customize your brick mailbox to fit with the aesthetic of your house and your curb. Let your mailbox improve the overall impression of your property without putting it up right into the faces of those who observe it. 

5. Masonry Repair – two of the main reasons why your brick wall is damaged are because of poor installation or substandard materials such as poor-quality mortar and brick. Low-cost masonry work can only do you no good. 

If you have an existing brick wall or any part of your house that uses brick tiles or brick veneer and even the traditional brick that is up for repairs, our expert brick mason can do the job for you. With the least amount of time required, we can finish the restoration without you noticing it.    

6. Brick Veneer Installation – utilizing more energy-efficient brick tiles that are much thinner than its cousin – traditional brick, a brick veneer can offer you the same aesthetic design with a much lower cost. Using grout or mortar, brick veneer is sealed between spaces to keep water from absorbing into the inner part of the wall. 

Our expert mason is well-trained and is highly specialized in brick tiles and stone panels and brick veneer installations. Using the latest tools and techniques, you can enjoy the beauty of a brick veneer either inside or outside of your home.  

7. Tuck pointing – in order to repair the mortar in between your bricks, tuckpointing or repointing is done. It is a special method of bringing back the robustness of your wall. Brick pointing is usually applied and done for walls that are older than two decades. Of course, it will always depend on the case of your wall. 

Let Patriot Brick Mason handle the masonry restoration and repointing brick job for you. We do not have to build a new wall. We just have to restore your old brick wall. We will do our best to bring back the functionality of your brick wall as well as its beauty.

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